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Oh wow, that's a really extensive adoption process! Mine was different: a written application (describing our lifestyle), home visit, my references were contacted and then we were approved! But it's great that the organization you're using is so careful about who the select as adopters!


I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you had one! Yes, it’s a really extensive process. I really like the organization. They’re really informative and helpful. Waiting just sucks!

How come they have to vote? You can't just adopt a dog? Did you have to go to like an interview type thing? Just curious as so what the process has been for you =]


Adopting a greyhound is a little different than other dogs. There are organizations who rescue greyhounds from race tracks, and then you adopt the dogs through those organizations. The organization I’m using (and I think most retired racing greyhound adoption orgs) has a pretty detailed application, a phone interview, then a home visit. Then they put all of the information together and present your case to the Board, who then votes yes or no on your application. Greyhounds have different needs and health concerns than other dogs, so they want to be sure that the home will be suitable, and the applicant understands the responsibilities of owning a retired racing greyhound, before allowing people to just adopt one.

My greyhound home visit went well! Now I just wait for the board to vote. Fingers crossed, they vote yes. Then I just wait for my dog!